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Rashtra Tirth Andaman

Cellular Jail

Cellular Jail, presently a revered shrine dedicated to great Indian freedom fighters sacrificed their lives for the Independence of the Mother Nation, is situated at Aberdeen near Port Blair in Andaman Islands. The Cellular Jail meant to imprison the freedom fighters of India was built in 14 years beginning in 1886 by British rulers. The name "CELLULAR" because it is entirely made up on individual cells.

The original Cellular Jail contains seven regions with central region having a tower. There were four floors with first three floors for cells and the fourth floor functioned as the watch tower. One can see here the execution room where the freedom fighters were hanged by the colonial rulers. The great freedom fighter, Veer Savarkar was imprisoned there.

The visitors can see the light and sound show depicting the sacrifice of freedom fighters and also showing up the brutal history of the Cellular jail. Two shows are arranged at 6 pm and 7.15 pm everyday except Mondays. There are Martyrís memorial, a gallery and a museum bringing back the reminiscence of Indian independence struggle.

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Viper Island

Viper Island, named after the ship wreck event of a British trading ship named "Viper" in 19th century, is located near Port Blair. The ruins of an olden discarded jail, built by British in 1867, with yellow colored bricks and the gallows are seen in this Island. The Island was considered as the place of penal settlement for the freedom fighters of India. This Island was part of the great Indian independence history and had witnessed the sufferings and sacrifices of Indian national involved in freedom struggle.

Viper Island is a serene beautiful tourist destination and can be approached by harbor cruise originating from Phoenix Bay Jetty in Port Blair. This place is visited by number of tourists as it has multiple attractions with historical importance and also has mesmerizing picnic spots with natural picturesque environments.

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Forest Museum

Forest Museum in Andaman is situated at Haddo and is run by the Forest Department of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The museum very typical in its contents displays the artifacts made out of timber including peauma, oak, gurjan, paduak and satin wood. The Museum helps the visitor to get some insight in the forestry and related activities. One can see many attractive models in timber showcased here.

The major attractions near by this Museum include a beautiful zoological garden and a mini zoo. The museum is open to public on all working days from 8 am to 12 noon and 2.30 pm to 5 pm.

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Chatham Saw Mill

Chatham Saw Mill, owned by Forest department, is credited as one of the biggest and oldest saw mills all through Asia and is located at the north tip of Andaman. A bridge connects this saw mill to Port Blair. The mill, dating back to 1836, is a big store house for different varieties of wood including Marble, Padauk, Gurjan and Satin wood.

The mill cuts massive wood into different sizes and shapes of timber and is functioning as the main source of timber for government and private agencies at a moderate price. This mill processes many types of ornamental wood suitable for making furniture and handicrafts.

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Jolly Buoy

It offers a breath taking underwater view of coral and marine life. It is an ideal place for snorkeling, sea bathing and basking on the sun kissed beach. Covered under Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Parks.

(heavy damaged caused to the islands coral life due to tsunami and is presently closed for tourists).   Incredible India Tours with Indian Travel agent.

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Ross Island

Ross Island, which is accessible from Phoenix Bay Jetty through a boat ride, is situated at the entry region of Port Blair harbor. Ross Islands, once the administrative head quarters of British Colonial Rulers, still bears the ruins of a Church and cemetery. It was during the British rule that the island was developed to a perfect township. Many reminiscent of old British regime are still alive in this stunning Island.

Ross Island encloses an attractive swimming pool, a cute museum Smritika established by Indian Navy and Chief Commissionerís residential building.

Ross island is open to public on all days except for Wednesday. There are boat facilities from the Phoenix Bay jetty to Rose Island many times a day.

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Anthropological Museum

The Anthropological Museum, situated at the heart of Port Blair is one of its kind. It gives glimpses of the tribal native peoples of the islands. It displays tribal essentials and artifacts such as boats, weapons, baskets, clothing, photographs, models and records of exploratory expeditions undertaken over the years. A well-stocked library provides the scholar with invaluable references to tribal culture. Indian travel agent gives special discounted hotel from budget hotels to Deluxe hotels in India.

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Limestone Caves

In Baratang Island, particularly at Nayadera near Wrafters Creef, there is a huge deposit of Limestone, where some deposits are in the form of caves and the rest of it are in the form of layers or beds one upon the other. These deposits are either above the soil or under the ground (the underground portions from caves).

There are more than 300 big and small deposits of limestone, out of which only one in the form of a cave is opened for the tourists. In the cave, massive limestone formations are dangled from the ceiling, glowed from the sides and sprouted from the ground.

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Marin Park and Aquarium

Marina Park and Aquarium is a prime attraction in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It is located in the unspoiled seashore close proximity to Water Sports Complex. The local inhabitants and the visiting tourists use this park for spending their valuable evenings by enjoying the natureís gifts of pristine beauty, stunning sea waves and lush green vegetations.

The Aquarium is a praise worthy place enclosing many marine life including various kinds of sea fishes and turtles. A childrenís park with many facilities for kids enjoyment, a toy train and many other amusement facilities make this park a much sought picnic spot.

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Chidiya Tapu, Bird Centaury

Chidiya Tapu is the southern most tip of South Andaman. The lush green mangroves, forest cover with numerous chirping birds and the Sylvan Sands and Munda pahar beaches make it an ideal picnic site. The forest guesthouse situated on top of a hillock provides a fabulous view of isolated islands, submerged corals and the breath-taking sunset. Conducted tours are available from Andaman Teal House, Port Blair.

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Havelock Island

Havelock Island, mostly inhabited by Bengalis, is situated nearby Port Blair. The villages in this imposing picturesque Island are identified with the numbers. The Main bazaar is in Village No 3 and the boat dock is in village No 1.

The Pristine water surrounding the island is the haven for very large fishes, turtles and dolphins. Tourists can spot the dolphins here in the serene waterfront of Havelock Island.

Havelock Island is an ideal location for the enthusiasts tourists to engage in sunbathing, beachcombing, swimming, surfing, beach camping and snorkeling. The stunning beauty of the nature is the prime attraction of this Island. One can enjoy the miraculous sunset and sunrise from the beach of Havelock Island.

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Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park

Gandhi Park This beautiful park at Port Blair has facilities like amusement rides, safe water sports, nature trail around the lake, garden, restaurant and historic remains like Japanese Temple as well as a bunker. The erstwhile Dilthaman tank, which was the only source of drinking water to Port Blair, and the area around it has been developed into Gandhi Park in an unbelievably short time of 13 days.

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Mud Volcano

This mud volcano is one more main attraction for visitors travelling in Andaman islands. Though this Volcano is nature's wonder, it may disappoint the people who see this physically. This Volcano is nearer to Baratang Jetty of Andaman islands (middle Andaman). It takes atleast a day to visit this place and return to Port Blair. People have to travel through road in a Jarwan tribal reserve (forest area) and cross the sea at Baratang jetty. After crossing the sea people reach the Uttara Jetty . From Uttara Jetty this place is 20 minutes journey by road.

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Scuba Diving

One major location for Scuba diving in Andaman is located at Wandoor, about 32 km away from Port Blair. The Scuba diving center in Wandoor offers all facilities and necessary equipments for a superb experience of scuba diving. Adding to this there are many skilled trainers who can help the tourist in getting into the deep of the sea.

Andaman is a famous snorkeling spot. The calm water in the serene beaches offers great experience of snorkeling. Andaman is suitable for a family snorkeling activity. All facilities and equipments like fin and mask are available for rent or to buy. You can move down to the amazing underwater and enjoy the grandeur life.

Snorkeling guides in the beaches will help you to train and practice first, before flowing down to underwater. The really wonderful experience of Snorkeling gives even a novice a chance to have a close look at the spectacular marine world. You can snorkel in the serene and little warm water for many hours in the Bay of Bengal

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Mahasashtra Mandal

Mahasashtra Mandal is a foundation to provide a homely environment to the Maharashtrian Peoples and travelers founded by Mr. Harshe (Ex. jailer of cellular jail)

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