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Himalaya Char Dham Tour

Places to visit:



(First Dham)

(Second Dham)

(Third Dham)

(Forth Dham)

Return Journey

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Places to See:

, goddess of the place 'Gram Daivat'. Situated at the top of the mountain.
  Ropeway facility is available, to & fro.

Chandidevi, this is also a goddess of the place 'Gram Daivat'.
  Situated at the top of the mountain. Ropeway facility is available, to & fro.



Bhuma Niketan

Replica of Vaishnodevi

Bharat Mata Mandir

Patanjali Yoga Peeth of Ramdev baba (optional)

Harichi Payari (God's step), where Hari's steps were washed by river Ganges

Ganga Aarati (traditional)

Gateway to God's Land

Ganga Mandir
& Ganga Poojan

Walmiki Mandir (optional)

Haridwar being 'Gateway to God's Land', Yatra starts from here. What a great experience? During the yatra period of 12 days, you make a round trip (Parikrama) of 1,25,000 mountains & 84,000 rivers.


Places to See:

Sachha Akhileshwar Mandir, where Lord Shiva Linga is 12 ft. high.

Laxman Mandir, the only Laxman temple in India. Ram & Laxman were 'Kshatriya' (solders) & they had done a seen of killing of one brahmin, i.e. Rawan. It is said that, here Laxman did a 'Priyaschitta' & 'Prey' to get relieved from that seen.

Laxman Zula


Swargashram, here you can worship 'Padukas' of Swamy Atma Prakash.

Ram Zula - Shivanand Zula

Shree Prakasheshwar Mahadev Mandir, Shivapuri

Silica, the scientific importance of this place is it has a very large quantity of silica in the territory of Ganges river bank. The same silica is supplied to almost all glass factories in India.


(First Dham)
Places to See on the way to Yamanotri:

Kempti Fall
, on the way to Yamanotri, you come across a place Kempti Fall. This is termed as
  Naigara Fall of India. 24 hours & 365 days water fall.

Here you walk around 11.5 kms., which can be avoided by horse ride or man carried 'doli'. You reach to the place at 11,500 ft. high

Yamuna River Origin (Ugam)

Places to See:

Hanuman Chatti

Hanuman Ganga & Yamuna Sangam (Union)

Janakibai Chatti

Markendeya Rishi ashram

Shaneshwar Mandir,
a temple having four (4) floors. Built only keeping stone chips, one above other. There are gramdaivat utensils on 4th floor. It is said that they change there places of their own on 'Kartik Poornima'

Surya Kund
, where cooked rice, which offered to god (prasad) gets cooked in this water itself

Ice Cold & Hot Water nearby, here one can see ice cold water & hot water just in a range of
  10fts. distance.

River Rafting (optional)


(Second Dham)
Places to See on the way to Gangotri:

Ganganani Kund,
hot water source but without sulphur smell to it. The place is graced by
  Ashrama of Parashar Muni.

, situated near Gangotri. It is known as native of Narsimha. You can see only the top of this temple. It is said that this was a place having 350-450 temples & they went under soil while earth movements. The above temple is being extracted from the soil.

Harshil Ghati, cristal clear water

Jahnavi Sangam, a sangam (union) of Jadaganga river & Bhagirathi river

Bhairav Ghati, here you can see a bridge built by military which is without support & biggest in
  Asia of its kind.

Bhagirath Shikhar

Gangotri Temple
A place where origin of river Ganges was there (later on the same was located 19 kms back) This place is also known as origin of very old established, Dagdu Shet Halwai Ganapati, situated at Poona,

River Bhagirati
, a part of river Ganges where King Bhagirath preyed for about 60,000 years for the benefit of his successors of five generations. Lord Shiva also preyed here to control the horrible existence of river Ganges.


(Third Dham)
Places to See:

Kedarnath Mandir
  One of twelve Jyotirlingas. Built by Pandavas around 5,500 yrs. ago. 10-15 ft ice around you
  during January-April.

On the way to Kedarnath, you visit

Srinagar, a city in the north.

Rudra Prayag, a place of 'Sangam' (union) of river Alaknanda from Badrinath & river Mandakini from Kedarnath. Lord Naradmuni gained a knowledge of playing instrument termed as Veena. As Lord Shankar was not called for the 'Yadnya' by Rajadhayksha, he had shown his horrible angry face at this place.

Gupta Kashi

Son Prayag

Gauri Kund, you go further 28 kms. to reach Kedarnath.

Meru-Sumeru Darshan on the way, 14 kms. to Kedarnath

Maharashtra Mandal is an active organisation here

Shree Shankaracharya Samadhi Mandir

Tri-Yugi Narayan
,  a place of God Shiva & Goddess Parvati marriage. Place of Narayan,
  108 Shaligram, Hom Kund, Water Kund 3 nos., a very ancient & holy place

Karna Prayag, a place of 'Sangam' (union) of river Alaknanda & river Pinder. This place is
  recognised for the reason Karna was cremated (fire) by Lord Krishna here.

Jyotirmath, one of the four important 'peeth' in India. Swamy Shankaracharya preyed here in
  the cave & under Kalpavruksha (holy tree).

Nrusinha Mandir

Navadurga Mandir

Auli Rope Way, a longest rope way in Asia, carries 25 persons in one trolley for 4.5 kms. about
  20 minutes for the height 4,500 ft. to 9,000 ft. Asian Skiing competition also take place here.

Nandadevi, heighest peak in India darshan.

Vishnu Prayag, a place of 'Sangam' (union) of river Alaknanda & river Vishnu Ganga.

Govinda Ghat, Guru Govind Singh Gurudwar, 19 kms. Hem Kund Saheb, Valley of Flowers
  (Season Aug.-Sep.)

Pandukeshwar, Pandavas stayed here for some time at the time of 'Swargarohan'

Hanuman Ghati, The place where 'Bhim' was tough a lesson by 'Hanuman' for his proud.


(Forth Dham)
Places to See:

is situated within mountains Nara-Narayan.  This is now known as 'Bhoo Vaikuntha'. This is the place where Vishnu has preyed. Godees Laxmi helped him by creating a shadow by Badri tree, the tree is called as Badri in Sanskrit since this place is termed as Badrinath.

Shankaracharya received god statues in Taptakund (hot water) around 2000 yrs. back. Ahilyadevi Holkar from Maharashtra reconstructed the temple which is in tact till date. Temple remain closed for 6 months. During the period i.e. the day Laxmi Poojan in Deepavali, before sealing the temple, one light is lighted & kept inside. Surprisingly after six months, on Akshay Trituya, the light remain lighting. It is said that six months Pooja is performed by mankind & rest six months it is performed by Yaksha, Kinnar & Gandharva.

On the way to Badrinath

Neelakantha Parbat

Mana Gaon (Mani Bhadrapuri) A last place in Himalaya, where mankind stay.

Vyas Gufa, a cave, where Vyas Muni wrote Skandapuran, Mahabharat here. Also the Veds were
  reconstructed here.

Ganesh Gufa, a cave, where Lord Ganesh was a victim of proud. He had to make a writing tool
  of his teeth when the same was broken while a uninterrupted writing job.

Origin of Saraswati River, you can see lakhs of litres water forcefully coming out but at the other end only 40% of water comes out which goes to Keshav Prayag river Alaknanda & Saraswati.

It is said that 60% of water goes to triveni sangam of river Ganga, Yamuna & Saraswati at Allahabad.

Alaknanda river starts from Kuber's capital, Alkapuri. It exists till Devprayag only. Devprayag to Gangasagar, any river 'sangam' (union) is Ganga Sangam only.

Bhim Pool, Pandavas wanted not to touch river Saraswati by feet so Bhim put a big 'shila'
  (stone) to form a bridge.

Badrinath Mandir, Laxmi-Narayan Pooja, Brahma Kapal to Pinda Dan

Tapta Kund


Return Journey
Places to See:

Srinagar, around 2,000 yrs. back Swamy Shankaracharya corrected the position of 'Shree Yantra' & human being started traveling beyond this point. The same was disturbed by devils long back.

Dev Prayag, Ram & Laxman were 'Kshatriya' (solders) & they had done a seen of killing of one brahmin, i.e. Rawan. It is said that, here Ram did a 'Priyaschitta' & 'Prey' to get relieved from that seen. A place of 'sangam' (union) of river Alakhnanda & Bhagirathi




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